Ever wondered how Wall Street always wins and retail always loses? Today you’re going to obtain access to the exact same trading software available only to prop trading firms.


Our proprietary chart algorithms monitors (in real-time) over 200 metrics running in the background. When all 200 point green, your chart will then output a Dyno Signal Bar. These “Signal Bars” indicator the starting point of a potential MASSIVE trend like you see below.


Chart Analytics for Beginners

It’s time to up your game and take your trading to the next level.

1. Wait for DynoBar to Print

Start by waiting for a Dyno Signal Bar. This is simply the first Green Bar after any Red Bar. This is your clue that a massive trend may be about to start.

2. Draw Retracement Zone

Waiting for a Signal Bar is not enough. We want to only take the best trades. So we draw a Retracement Zone on the Signal Bar and wait for the pullback with trend.

3. Let Market TREND in your favor

While all the other retail traders are trying to figure out whats going on…YOUR chart nailed the low to the exact tick. Sit back and relax while the Market skyrockets.

I have learned to completely trust the Dynobars emphatically. I have learned to trust the trend…and, consequently, have exceeded my daily goals consistently and allowed me to be stress free every day.

Scott B.

Caught 170 point move in NQ. 1 day. Nothing else exists like this in the world.

Garo J.

This software works. Before, I used to trade candlesticks and indicators and other BS with no success. With DynoBars the ability to spot the Trend is unreal.

Doug L.

What is DynoBars?


Filter out noise and remove price distortions that are occurring in your market.

Check out this actual chart from today. This is what Dyno Charts look like. Nice, clean, organized signals that capture the STARTING point of the Trend. Works on all Markets Forex, Futures, Stocks. The ability to forecast a new Trend is the “Holy Grail” of trading. Its how the Smart Money (hedge funds) trades.

Runs a proprietary algorithmic code cycle on your existing LIVE Chart Data

The proprietary algorithms we use are derived directly from Wall Street trading desks. We monitor over 200 different stats on each tick. Things like volume prints, institutional order flow, and individual volatility metrics. This results in the chart output being clean and easy. No indicators whatsoever. Just Green Bars and Red Bars.

Re-displays your Chart Data with organized and clean data

Check out the before and after. There is an obvious difference. One of these charts is cluttered and confusing and makes no sense whatsoever. The other chart is organized, attractive, easy to read. Which of these 2 charts would you rather trade?

After 20 years of trading Markets and seeing how institutions trade, we’ve reached one conclusion: Trend Trading WORKS. While 95% of traders have their heads up their ass and are totally clueless about trading…a select group of traders are quietly running software and consistently nailing highs and lows in the Market. In many ways Trend Trading can be considered the “Holy Grail” of trading. Because if you can figure out the starting point of a Trend (Green Bar) and you can plot the retracement (Retracement Zone) then you have literally beaten the market makers at their own game.


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