Watermelon Gazpacho

There are tons of different ways to make gazpacho, and watermelon is an interesting addition. When I first heard about it I was skeptical, but I actually really liked it. Red onion balances the sweetness, and the watermelon doesn’t dominate too much. I was afraid it would be like a tomato agua fresca, but this recipe comes out solidly soup-like. Refreshing too! Continue Reading

Mint Cucumber Low-Sugar Smoothie

I know many people who are following low-sugar diets. While smoothies can pack tons of nutrients, they also usually come with plenty of sugar. I generally think the sugar in my smoothies is offset by all the fiber and nutrients, but I wanted to see what I could do for the low-sugar folks. I designed this smoothie to be a filling meal with ample fat and protein. It is bright and energizing—perfect for a summer morning. Continue Reading

言情+文笔好+肉 推荐古言

Most strawberry smoothie recipes call for bananas, and, since I cant stand bananas, Ive avoided predominantly strawberry smoothies. However, a while ago I heard about people using summer squash as a banana substitute. It sounds weird, but it has such a mild flavor that it works, and it helps bulk out the smoothie. I also used a date to add the sweetness that a banana would have provided. Continue Reading